my name is kristy (typicalxromance) wrote in swank_icons,
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hey can someone please help muah? i need an icon. if anyone would like to take the time out of thier life to do it, go ahead. =) well here it goes..

[x] Black backround
[x] Hot Pink Flashy star in the a corner [doesnt matter which corner]
[x] Hot Pink Type, saying "Your tounge in my mouth, trying to keep the words from coming out"
[x] some sortof of animation on a couple words

hope it isnt much work, to whoever may do it. if anyone does. hahaa thanks :]
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hello. I made your icon for yah. but the text isnt animated because my computer sucks right now.

click me!
OH MY! I love it! Not to mention, I love you, too! Well, thank you sooo much for it.. I'll make sure I credit, when used <3 <3 <3
ur icon is amazin.. i want one of boys kissing! .. anyone?!!!
hey I was just wondering, that text you used on your icon, is that lyrics from a song or something? because it seems so familiar to me.