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people need to join. because i love you

hey people. people need to join my community, because i love you.


I used to have waaaaaaay more icons, but i had to reboot my computer. so blah.

1.    2. 3. 

4. 5.   6. 

below are icons i got from places that i dont remember.  but whatever.  im sorry for not crediting but i forgot. i love you.


p.s. i really love adam brody and the oc. so kill me.

I dont really give a fuck if you credit me.

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i love the badger one because it's beautiful. I'll comment because I do care :)
credit I mean 0_o
omg i love them!
xOx i HAVE to take them aLL!!!!


May 21 2004, 22:03:05 UTC 13 years ago

oh yay. sububurban legends is so cool.

oooh suburban legends. i saw them performing at disneyland two years ago. they were awesome. guess their fanbase grew? where are you from?
this is the best icon community EVER...not picky...beautiful icons and nice people! wooohoo...

ps...i saved a few to my comp...i will definitely credit when I use them
Hey I just found this community, is it okay if I take the Seth Cohen (emo geek) icon?


And I am joining, of course!
i need help. i like that killing ur self icon and it would go perfect w/ my journal. but i cant like figure out how to make it my icon cause im dumb. help?


October 6 2004, 13:22:33 UTC 13 years ago

hahah adam bordy is gorgous u rock
i'm taking the emu one
took the BN one thanx
took zim. awesome job! will credit.
the 'cheer up emu kid' is awesome. I'm taking <3, with credit! ^_^